Shipping and return policies for Kurwastyle Project

Shipping Info
Shipping & postage:
I use airmail for sending your packages (as a letter) worldwide.
Your orders will be valid for 14 days.
Every order which is paid will be send in the next 5 working days.
Warranty! Your personal information will not be sold or given away.

0.00-0.49 kg = 80 CZK
0.50-0.99 kg = 90 CZK
1.00-1.99 kg = 100 CZK

0.00-0.49 kg = 8 €
0.50-0.99 kg = 10 €
1.00-1.99 kg = 15 €

Sometimes there can be a different postage for the countries that aren't in EU Zone or so...
For these will be costs calculated individually.
If you have any further questions, just let me know!

• CD's are printed and shipped by Kunaki - CD/DVD manufacturing and publishing service that is located in USA.
Check the product page to calculate shipping and delivery times to your country.

• I ship to all countries except:
Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Peru, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine.